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Company: Chinese American Service League
Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Job Category: NON PROFIT
Job description:  
Founded in 1978 by ten dedicated Chinese Americans who came together to bridge the gap in services for Chinese American immigrants in Chicago. Their passion and commitment ignited the spark for the Chinese American Service League (CASL), which has since burgeoned into a nurturing hub in the heart of Chinatown.

With a strong sense of history, CASL, celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2018, resides in its own award-winning building designed by world-renowned Chicago architect Jeanne Gang. With a financial budget of $13.5M, it is the largest, most comprehensive social service agency in the Midwest dedicated to serving the needs of Chinese Americans. CASL has a history of being a fiscally conservative and financially smart organization having maintained a budget surplus 36 of the 39 years of its existence. The agency has an operating surplus to sustain it through difficult economic times, including an untapped line of credit.

Vision: Supported by CASL, community members will live prosperous and empowered lives integrating the best of Chinese and American cultures.
Values: Person-centered – Cultural Competence – Resiliency – Integration – Community-based
Work Life: Values it employees and supports them in learning and growth as well as values their experiences, expertise, and input.

CASL is a not-for-profit community organization:
• Offering its clients vital physical, economic, mental, and social support.
• Proud to reach over 11,500 people every year, regardless of age, gender, and race while providing a full range of programming and services for a wide range of clients, from young children to older adults.
• Supporting programming that primarily serves immigrants who often lack formal education, possess few transferable job skills, and know little of the new world around them.
• Committed to advocacy, in many forms, in order to raise awareness, open doors, and increase opportunities for Chinese Americans.
• Committed to inclusion and mainstreaming clients as much as possible so that they become thriving residents making valuable contributions in their own right as independent, productive members of society.
• Allowing clients to realize the dreams that brought them to America.
• Serving as a critical anchor for the greater Chicago Chinese American community delivering impactful programs and services that preserve and nurture the connection that current and future generations have to their culture.
• An active member of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce and partner organizations such as (but not limited to) Asian Health Coalition, Coalition of Limited Speaking English Elderly, and Chicago Jobs Council.

After more than 39 years of accomplished leadership, as planned, CEO and Co-Founder, Bernarda Wong, retired at the end of 2016. Esther Wong, Executive Director/COO and Co-Founder, will be retiring September 2017. The new CEO, while partnering with the COO, will bring a new energy to the C-Suite and have the benefit of working with an engaged Board and staff that enjoy a very strong position in the Chicagoland Chinese community.

CASL has recently taken the steps to realign its programming to create a more holistic approach to address the community’s needs as well as refocusing its efforts on client outcomes and community impact.

CASL Programs and Services Include:
Children and Youth Development: This focus area provides children with the necessary skills to succeed at school while supporting families in their efforts to transition into American culture. It consists of five programs for children 0-18 years old.
• Family and Learning Resource Center: Family support for parents, grandparents, and other caretakers with children ages 0 to 5 years.
• Children’s Development Center: NAEYC accredited full-day multilingual preschool for children ages 2 to 5 years old — with a focus on holistic development.
• School Age Program: Full-day and after-school programming for children ages 5 to 12 years old
• Middle School Program – After school programming focusing on social emotional development to better transition young teens into High School and navigate the turbulent pre-teen years.
• High School Program – After school programming focusing on educational excellence and college placement. This program has featured numerous Posse Scholar winners and celebrated 100% four-year college acceptance for graduating seniors.

Employment and Financial Empowerment: This focus area improves family financial and housing security through five key areas within a HUD certified program.
• Adult Employment Program: Assisting in finding job opportunities for adults with multiple barriers—especially new immigrants with low English language proficiency and includes thorough assessment, job coaching, and placement assistance.
• Chef Training Program: Offering western-style cooking instruction and vocational English as Second Language, equipping students with knowledge and skills for entry-level positions with major hotels, institutions, and restaurants.
• Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program: Fostering and promoting effective part-time opportunities for unemployed, low-income people age 55 or older with limited employment prospects.
• Housing Counseling: Home buying, pre- and post-purchase, foreclosure prevention and intervention, and rental counseling.
• Financial Literacy and Coaching: Savings, budgeting, banking, credit, ID theft, loans, homeownership, financial planning. Working with individuals on a plan to achieve their financial goals.

Senior Wellness and Independence: This focus area impacts the mental and physical health of community seniors, encouraging them to live healthy, happy, independent and engaged lives through four key areas.
• Adult Day Service: Enhancing older adults’ physical, mental, and social well-being by engaging them in life enrichment activities and connecting them to their community.
• In-Home Service: Enabling older adults to live independently with dignity and respect.
• Pine Tree Senior Council: Empowering older adults to be actively engaged in the community to promote Chinese culture and civic engagement.
• Evidence-Based Workshops: Improving balance for seniors, managing diabetes, healthy aging, and caregiver training.

Community and Family Well-Being: This focus area impacts the stability of the community and family by offering foundational services that safeguard basic needs through the following seven key areas.
• Immigration Services: Citizenship: application, education, naturalization, as well as family reunification applications.
• Healthcare Outreach and Coordination: In partnership with local hospitals and healthcare organizations, help is provided to navigate healthcare systems and gain access to available resources.
• Case Management: Translation, interpretation, pro bono legal clinic, public benefits such as Medicaid, supplemental income, entitlement programs including social security.
• Public Benefits Assistance – Case managers assist applicants in navigating and securing public benefits including Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Summer Energy Assistance Program, Women Infant Children Nutrition (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
• Pro bono Legal Clinic: Monthly free legal clinic for community members provided by volunteer attorneys.
• Community Participatory Research: Collaborating with medical and academic research institutions that enhance services to seniors.
• Advocacy: Empowering new immigrants and protecting the rights of all people via advocacy rallies, visiting, advocating, and collaborating with legislators. Workshops on civic engagement, voter registration, and education.

Other Programs:
• Cup of Tea: Weekly Saturday meet-ups held for learning and practicing conversational English.

CASL is the sponsor of CASL Housing Corporation, a separate nonprofit corporation, which owns a 90-unit apartment building adjacent to CASL’s main facility. The apartment building was built in 1995 and has been fully occupied since its completion. There are currently more than 300 people on the waiting list. CASL provides services to the project, some on a paid basis and some on a non-paid basis. CASL appoints the board of directors of CASL Housing Corporation. The CEO has served as a Director but not the President of CASL Housing Corporation. The project is managed by a third-party management company that concentrates in managing affordable living communities for seniors and persons with physical and mental challenges. CASL does not have any financial obligations for the project.

CASL’s talented and highly dedicated Board is an incredible, impressive group as are the Advisory Board and Associate Board. The Board, staff, and volunteer groups are 100% committed to the growth and support of CASL’s financial needs to advance its mission through the need to diversify the funding portfolio and decrease reliance on government funding.

CASL is an established organization, and the new CEO inherits a great legacy and platform on which to build. The agency, while established and successful, is at a turning point with numerous opportunities as it seeks its next level.

CASL is seeking a CEO who, building on the organizations past successes, will strengthen its capacity to continue leading the way in the programs and services for Chinese American immigrants in the Chicagoland community. Based in Chinatown, with reach into all of Chicago as well as suburban Chicago, the CEO reports to a 21-member Board of Directors, provides leadership for 101 full-time and 400 part-time staff and 188 volunteers serving thousands of individuals as well as the CASL Advisory Board and Associate Board.

He/She will oversee the $13.5M operating budget, which includes: 86% state/federal/Medicaid contracts (51% state/local funding), 3% program income, and 11% fundraising. $1.85M is raised yearly in total annual contributions including events, grants, individual contributions, and major gift donations. CASL has recently started a Planned Giving Program and created an endowment through the Jewish United Fund.

The CEO will focus externally on overall strategy, board management and fund raising responsibilities for the organization and work directly with a Chief Operations Officer. The COO will have internal responsibilities for operations/administration, programs, and development functions while supporting the CEO with CASL’s long-term vision.

First 100 Days
• Onboarding… internal and external constituents ‘meet and greets’ including influencers and organizations, staff and board. Several special annual events will be platforms for the new CEO to be introduced and embraced by stakeholders.
• Establish CEO fundraising portfolio.
• Gain a clear understanding of the strategic plan, financials, and operations in order to lead the organization forward.

Near Term
• Assess CASL’s greatest impact…ensure creative services are provided to respond to the needs in the community and to stay ahead of the competition.
• Develop a new strategic plan that provides a platform for success as well as hold individuals at all levels, including the Board, responsible for delivery.
• Working alongside the COO and the Director of Development, initiate an effort to shift the fundraising landscape to a newer model which may include: Earned income; Self-funded; Increased Major Gifts; Planned Giving; with an ultimate goal to decrease dependence on state funding.
• Explore how CASL can have greater impact including second generation services. How can CASL grow? Coordinate with other nonprofits both in Chinatown and within the larger Chicago nonprofit community.
• Ensure a good team is in place to oversee all aspects of CASL with correct accountabilities and responsibilities, while providing them latitude to make decisions. Must be able to delegate.
• Lead and own the development effort of the proposed new Senior Living Memory Care and Assisted Living Facility that will complete the vision of CASL’s Continuum of Care Campus. This is likely to include a comprehensive campaign.

Direct Reports:
• Chief Operating Officer
• Senior Living Project Manager
• Director of Development and Communications (dotted line report)
Working within CASL’s environment, the new CEO will support and advance the mission and guiding values of CASL. Specific responsibilities include:

Mission and Strategy:
• Ensure that CASL has a long-range strategy that everyone is actively participating towards its success.
• Must have vision and ability to push the envelope in terms of change. The new leader must have the ability to take CASL to the next level.
• Uphold and champion the agency’s culture and values.
• Collaborate with the Board of Directors to understand the environment, in which CASL operates, its options, and evaluate and plan for CASL’s future.

• Work closely with the COO to identify organizational opportunities and challenges and make recommendations that align with the mission.
• Build on relationships with the Advisory Board and Associate Board.
• Promote Board of Directors’ participation in governance related work and fundraising as well as committee work.
• Opportunity to develop and leverage a strategic relationship with CASL Co-Founders.
Management and Financial:
• In collaboration with COO, work to ensure that an effective management team is in place and provide leadership and support.
• Protect the agency’s future with appropriate attention to succession planning.
• Maintain a culture that attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse staff of high-quality professionals.
• Provide guidance and oversight for CASL’s vision of the Continuum of Care Project as well as for the COO.
• On behalf of CASL recommend for Board of Directors approval any related administrative, programmatic and financial items specific to budget, and governance guidelines in accordance with laws and regulations.

Fundraising, Marketing, and Resource Development:
• Increase, strengthen, and diversify the agency’s funding sources as well as understand the complex funding/federal guidelines that regulate sources and accounting.
• Invest in marketing activities especially in light of an increasingly competitive environment.
• Maintain positive relationships with state and local officials who can assist regarding funding and timely payment of grant funds.
• Work closely with the COO, Director of Development and Communications, and the Program Directors to understand and identify fundraising needs and seek funding in a polished and professional manner.
• Collaborate with the Director of Development and Communications and the Board of Directors to nurture donors and make “the ask”.

Visibility and Advocacy:
• Serve as the primary spokesperson for the agency representing its programs and point of view to other social service agencies, community groups, funders, media, and the public.
• Advocate on behalf of CASL especially regarding funding, programs, clients, and the community.
• Be a visible, robust voice nationally and in the community – Chinatown and Chicago at-large – be an eager participant in civic activities that benefit CASL, its mission, and those it serves.
• Explore opportunities for collaboration with other social service agencies for the mutual benefit of the agencies and those they serve, and manage related relationships.

We seek a highly accomplished and proven executive as the next Chief Executive Officer of CASL who meets specific criteria:
• Passion to Serve the Asian American Community and is Sensitive to its Culture and History
• Fundraising Experience
• Change Management Successes
• Strategic Planning
• Board Management

The CEO will have a track record of success in the following:
• An established interest in human service, the immigrant experience, and the Chinese culture.
• An understanding and ability to operate with reverence for the Chinese culture as well as the Chinese American experience are important. The community is tight knit, and the new leader needs to be comfortable with and adept at navigating situations and relationships with particular sensitivity, integrity, and candor, always keeping in mind the personal relationships people have with CASL’s mission.
• Must be culturally sensitive and understand ethnic differences, how they influence as well as play out in the community. Demonstrated understanding of and ability to work with immigrant populations in a social service setting.
• Experience being the external leader of an organization while managing the COO who is focused internally.
• Accomplished and passionate fundraiser who is confident in making calls, raising money, and will embrace a personal responsibility to continue the development of CASL’s excellent reputation. Capital Campaign experience a plus.
• A positive and collaborative change management leader with the ability to help people adjust.
• Experience and ability to partner, manage, and team with a strong and active Board that has an invested personal interest in the mission.
• High level of comfort with public relations and public speaking as well as communicating information to a wide range of audiences.
• Minimum of 10 years executive experience in a leadership role with a clear record of achievement of taking an organization to the next level yet with a practical approach.
• Must understand and value servant leadership with a heart for service and humility.
• Familiar with financial and operating best practices.
• Driven by results with an action plan for success while holding people accountable.
• The ability to work successfully with diverse as well as multicultural audiences from staff to clients to families to prospective donors to legislators.
• Effectively establish and balance multiple priorities. Highly efficient in time management and ability to meet deadlines under pressure. Ability to work and make judgments independently and take initiative.
• Serve as the face of the organization and strategic spokesperson of CASL’s services and public-policy positions.
• Ability to speak Mandarin and/or Cantonese preferred.
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Other Information
Degree: Unspecified
Experience (year): 10
Job Location: Chicago - Illinois - USA
Zipcode: 60616
Post Date: 08/14/2017
Contact Information
Company: Chinese American Service League
Contact Name: Kara Zavaleta
Contact E-mail: Send E-Mail Now
Contact Phone: You must first register to view this information.
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