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Company: Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Job Title: Bus Operator
Job Category: Transportation
Job description:  
Bus Operator
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District

SALARY: $21.52 - $33.50 Hourly; $3,730.13 - $5,806.67 Monthly; $44,761.60 - $69,680.00 Annually
OPENING DATE: 03/09/21
CLOSING DATE: 06/09/21 11:59 PM


AC Transit is actively seeking courteous, customer service-oriented and dependable individuals to safely operate our buses and provide the highest quality of service to our customers and community. Previous Bus Operator Experience is NOT REQUIRED. AC Transit offers a full-time, comprehensive paid training program to selected candidates who demonstrate the aptitude, interpersonal skills, and desire for a career as an AC Transit Bus Operator. The training program is nine (9) weeks and consists of both classroom and behind-the-wheel training. Upon successful completion of the training program, operators will be assigned full-time shifts.

This is an excellent opportunity to work at one of the largest bus agencies in California. In addition to working with some of the best in the business, AC Transit also has an excellent benefits package that includes pension, medical, dental, and vision coverage, flexible spending, and a 457 savings plan. As an AC Transit employee, you would become part of an extended family of individuals who take great pride in making a difference in the communities that they service.

To learn more about Becoming a Bus Operator with AC Transit, please view the link: http://www.actransit.org/be-an-ac-transit-bus-operator/.


• Drives all models of buses assigned by the District for the purpose of transporting passengers safely and courteously, transport buses between Divisions, and to other locations as required.
• Operates passenger lift and kneeler to provide access to and from the bus.
• Operates computerized farebox, electronic head sign, doors, tailgate, windows, sunroof (emergency escape), rear lift (vans only), mirrors, seats, emergency brake system, rear start, and two-way radio.
• Communicates with passengers and peers, including persons with mental and physical disabilities.
• Communicates with Central Dispatch for the purpose of providing information on fares, transfers, ticket refunds, routes, and other AC Transit policies and rules concerning conduct, service, and policy changes.
• Informs Central Dispatch of passenger lift pick-up and drop-off locations, and when hydraulic passenger lift fails to operate properly.
• Assists individuals with physical and/or mental limitations, for the purpose of providing access to public transportation, ensuring passenger safety, and providing route and schedule information.
• Provides written and verbal reports to document incidents, including accident reports, defect reports, memos regarding changes in routes, and exchanges with passengers for the purpose of identifying equipment failures and providing or corroborating information to other Drivers and/or Supervisors.
• Monitors farebox, transfers, and passes to ensure accurate fare amounts for seniors, adults, youth, and persons with disabilities as well as local, BART, and trans-bay passengers.
• Inspects buses to ensure safe access when boarding and alighting, and as required by law; and reports malfunctions and other needed repairs.
• Observes and responds to emergency situations involving passengers, the public, or buses for the purpose of maintaining public/passenger safety, and proper bus operation. Performs related duties as required.


Desirable Qualifications: Exceptional verbal communication skills, professional interaction with customers, and the ability to courteously diffuse conflict. Motivated, dependable, punctual and assumes pride in representing AC Transit. Ability to work independently, follow safety rules and company policies at all times.

Applicants must meet the District's safe driving standards including: 21 years of age. 3 years of driving with a regular license. Not more than one (1) moving violation in the past three (3) years. No At-Fault accidents in the past three (3) years. No "Failures to Appear" or "Failures to Pay" in the last three (3) years. No suspensions in the last three (3) years. No Reckless Driving or DUI (driving under the influence) in the last seven (7) years.


Physical Requirements For Driving (by federal regulation):
(1) Have vision at or correctable to 20/40 (Snellen), a field of vision of at least 70 degrees in the horizontal meridian in both eyes, and recognize the colors red, green, and amber
(2) possess hearing in at least one ear allowing the perception of a whispered voice at five (5) feet;
(3) not currently have a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus requiring insulin for control, epilepsy or similar, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, coronary insufficiency, thrombosis, or any other cardiovascular disease of a variety known to be accompanied by syncope, dyspnea, collapse, or congestive cardiac failure
(4) have no loss of a foot, leg, hand, or arm, and be able to bend and control all of the said limbs in order to grasp or push and otherwise operate all driving controls in a skillful manner without prostheses.

For Driving by District Regulations:
(1) Ability to sit without discomfort for prolonged periods of time on a variety of driver's seats in different models of buses, and fit behind the steering wheel with clearance between abdomen and wheel;
(2) turn head up to 180 degrees in either direction on a regular and frequent basis; (3) walk to enter and exit the vehicle.

For Wheel Chair Tie-Downs: Ability to bend, crouch, and/or kneel and balance while simultaneously manipulating and fastening tie-down straps.

Medical: Must pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination, including drug and alcohol screening tests.

Licensing: To apply, a regular Class C license is required. Commercial driver's license/permits are not required to apply.

Criminal History: All eligible candidates will be fingerprinted and screened for criminal history with the Department of Justice. Conviction of a crime is not necessarily a bar to employment. Each case will be given individual consideration on a case-by-case basis.

This position is represented by ATU.

Benefits: As an employee hired after January 1, 2020, you are in the District’s Tier II Pension plan covered by the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA). You will be responsible for 100% of the employee contribution up to the annual limit on pensionable compensation. The contribution rate will be determined each fiscal year.

The Selection Process: The Human Resources department must receive a completed online application by the filling date. If this recruitment is "Open Until Filled," it may be closed at any time without notice. Applications will be screened for job-related qualifications, and those candidates who best meeting the qualifications listed on this Job Announcement will be invited to participate in an examination process that may include written, oral, and/or performance segments. Current District employees must have satisfactory attendance and performance records. Finalists will be placed on a ranked Eligibility List. When filling vacancies, the Human Resources Department will refer the top candidates to the hiring department for final screening and recommendation. Final candidates are subject to background checks upon hire.

ADA Compliant and Drug-Free Workplace: The Human Resources Department will make reasonable efforts in the recruitment/examination process to accommodate applicants with disabilities. If you have a need for accommodation, please call the Recruitment/Employment Administrator at (510) 891-4783, or TDD (800) 448-9790 for the hearing impaired.

The Alameda Contra Costa Transit District has established the goal of a 100 percent drug and alcohol-free workplace. Applicants will be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing prior to employment and those in safety-sensitive positions will be subject to further drug and alcohol testing through their period of employment, including random drug and alcohol testing.

In accordance with federal requirements, all job applicants selected for appointments in this safety-sensitive position are subject to pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. A final job applicant will be tested for five prohibited drugs: Cocaine, PCP, Amphetamines, Marijuana, and Opiates. During employment, employees holding safety-sensitive positions are subject to random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-duty, and follow-up drug and alcohol testing. Additionally, in the event of an absence of more than 90 days from a safety-sensitive position, pre-employment drug testing will be performed.

Equal Opportunity Employer

APPLICATIONS MAY BE FILED ONLINE AT: https://apptrkr.com/2248968

1600 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94612 510-577-8854
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
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Other Information
Degree: Unspecified
Experience (year): 0
Job Location: Oakland - California - USA
Zipcode: 94612
Post Date: 05/06/2021
Contact Information
Company: Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Contact Name: Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
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